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Herbal Tip – California Poppy as a treatment for Insomnia, Anxiety

what's fresh!, botanical science | June 26, 2017

Common Name:  California poppy Botanical Name:  Eschscholzia californica California poppy is best known as the beautiful state flower of California.  However the plant also offers many useful medicinal benefits which most people often aren’t aware of.  The main active properties of California poppy are alkaloids such as chelirubine, sanguinarine and macarpine.  California poppy acts as a mild sedative… read more


what's fresh!, botanical science, in the media, skin nutrition, Uncategorised | June 12, 2017

HUNA NATURAL APOTHECARY INC. EXPANDS INTO A PARTNERSHIP WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA Huna partners with University of Manitoba to grow their Manufacture, Production and Research Initiatives to meet Global Industry Demands   PRESS RELEASE – Winnipeg, MB:   As of June 2017, Huna Natural Apothecary Inc., a Winnipeg-based natural and organic skincare company- has announced… read more

3 Reasons to use Hemp Seed Oil for Acne, Blemish-prone + Oily Skin

botanical science, healthy living, skin nutrition | July 11, 2016

Hemp seed oil is truly a treasure for those with acne, blemish-prone or oily skin types.  Oils have a bad rep for oily skin, so most people who suffer from oily skin and blemishes tend to steer clear of products containing oils.  The science and truth are that oils are the best way to improve overall… read more

GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) for Health + Skin

botanical science, age-grace, healthy living, skin nutrition | November 3, 2015

What is GLA? GLA stands for Gamma Linolenic Acid, which is an essential fatty acid that is naturally-occurring in plant seeds such as borage, black currant and evening primrose seeds.  GLA is essential to human nutrition, as it is an Omega-6 fatty acid which the body is able to convert into health-benefiting substances which are… read more

10 Best Beauty Hacks using Sandalwood Powder

botanical science, age-grace, skin nutrition | September 3, 2015

The word about Sandalwood powder and its effectiveness as a beauty treatment is getting out! Many people have used Sandalwood powder (aka Chandan) to obtain clear, healthy and radiant skin for centuries. The most important thing to consider when searching for Sandalwood powder for your beauty routine, is to ensure you are purchasing it from… read more

Why make the switch to natural skincare products?

botanical science, age-grace, healthy living, skin nutrition | August 2, 2015

What does ‘natural skincare’ mean? The term ‘natural’ in the skincare world may mean a variety of things- organic, natural or naturally-derived ingredients being the most common references.  Natural may also refer to a product being eco/environmentally-friendly, green, vegan, cruelty-free (no animal testing and/or no animal-based ingredients), or may describe the product as being free… read more