Custom Formulating – Samples

$50.00 CAD

Donation to Huna for Compassion (Postpartum + Mental Health)

100% of your Donation goes to Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM).  Thank you...
$10.00$100.00 CAD

Revitalize Superfood Detox Mask

The Superfood Detox Mask is specially formulated with organic camu camu, pomegranate, hibiscus +...
$74.00 CAD

Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm

Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm with organic mango butter, pomegranate, avocado, carrot, broccoli + chia seed...
$58.00$90.00 CAD

Clarify Sandalwood Microexfoliator + Mask

Huna Sandalwood Microexfoliator + Mask is an effective treatment to gently exfoliate, clarify and renew...
$70.00 CAD

Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum

Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum with rosehip + sea buckthorn berry is our signature and #1...
$88.00 CAD

Revitalize Face Lotion

The Revitalize Featherlight Face Lotion with rose, silk + GLA-complex is the ultimate lightweight daily moisturizer....
$98.00 CAD

Nourishing Lip Shine

Nourishing Lip Shine with organic avocado, peppermint + our own homegrown organic calendula is a healthy + nourishing...
$13.00 CAD

Natural Nail Treatment Duo

Our best-selling and 100% Natural nail + cuticle treatments, sweetly packed together in our...
$80.00 CAD

Natural Nail + Cuticle Creme

Nail + Cuticle Creme with premium-grade Canadian beeswax + hemp deeply moisturizes to repair and nourish...
$48.00 CAD